Restoring a commercial building means investing into its future, but also into its history, thus determining its success.
Our strength consists in customizing our works: we carefully choose the materials and we plan every aspect of our work in harmony with your ideas.


ILTEC DESIGN distributes and installs products for fabric architecture that allows the realisation of both functional and architectural interests for public, commercial and industrial buildings.
We offer a full consultancy: from the design of the projects, to their structural calculation and to the installation of the products.
While constructing architectural elements, ILTEC DESIGN predilects the use of the membranes, as their lightness and flexibility combined with their resistance allow an extreme freedom of design and excellent aesthetic results.


Whether building new houses or restoring old ones, ILTEC DESIGN puts special attention to the needs of those who will live there.
Any place can became unique and innovative by putting in materials of excellent quality and aesthetics.
Our house is our “shell” and it should give us comfort and reflect on the outside who we are.


ILTEC DESIGN carefully researches and selects unique materials of the highest quality only, applying the most sustainable cutting edge technologies. The concern for the environment makes us choose eco-friendly and certified materials.
While designing restaurants, bars, slow-food, we put much attention to the acoustic comfort that we improve with the use of fabric structures. We also put great attention to the lighting technologies, as lighting goes hand in hand with the architecture.


ILTEC DESIGN elaborates and realises both temporary and permanent stands.
In order to best represent the customer’s goal, we constantly research innovative materials that allow us realise projects of great technological and visual impact.

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