ILTEC SRL operates throughout the country and Europe and has its strength in the distribution and installation of products for fabric architecture that allows the realisation of both functional and architectural interests.
Designing a fabric structure, means using membrane for all parts of the project.  Therefore, one can define a fabric construction in which, starting from the carrier system, appears evident the reference prevalent and, in some cases only, to construction systems Membrane.

The lightness, the flexibility and the translucency of the membranes are features that make efficient the application of fabric elements and systems in furnishing, interior designing and in temporary, removable or transformable projects. Membranes, together with the building systems ultralight aluminum, steel or wood that act as supports are mainly used in the preparation of shops, showrooms, exhibitions, and in general all those occasions where design flexibility, reversibility and construction are important targets: fashion, design, furnishing and exhibitions in general.


The light is a highly effective means of expression: sense of sight as well as matter. We are committed to creating emotions and feelings determined by the effect of light and shadow; highlight the volume of the objects or emphasize and enhance the effect of spatial awareness.

ILTEC DESIGN realises lighting systems with the use of the most advanced technologies such as:  fluorescence, cold and warm cathode, LED, metal halides, optical fiber, RGB and Cold / Warm lighting systems, creating thus most varied and innovative solutions for the design of residential and commercial buildings, museums, gardens and swimming pools, combining energy and maintenance savings with maximum safety.
ILTEC DESIGN being unique in this industry, is able to realise patented fiber optics and LED systems, which can be inserted into floor and wall coatings, ceilings, glass walls, ceramics and mosaics.


Besides the best-known brands in the field, what makes us stand out is the continuous research for the best manufacturers to be able to create unique, tailor made works, so we can enhance the uniqueness of each project, expressing the personality of those who will daily enjoy it both at home or in a work place.

ILTEC DESIGN selected the best manufacturers of floor and wall coatings, traditional ceramics, glass, vinyl, laminate, terracotta and wood, as well as customized coatings; traditional mosaics, metal and leather, leather flooring.
GEOSURFACE is our registered trademark for the realisation of continuous surfaces with unique properties of strength and durability with an unlimited range of colors, water and stone based mortar, with the insertion of metal and glass materials as well as elements of light.

Silky surfaces, with the sense of touch of material and three-dimensional, make our walls, our floors and our furnishing expressive and unique. This is maximum expression of creativity.


In order to break those borders between indoors and outdoors, re-oxygenate our lungs and recharge ourselves with positive energy, the vertical garden wall acts as a tool of interior/exterior architectural element, filling our need for contact with nature.
With the help of our high expertise and carefully selected products we can redesign, recreate and reinvent any space for you.

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