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While developing a new product one can embark on uncharted roads where then discovers what he was looking for.
That is how one “conceives”, creates and then falls in love with a product.
We love architecture and design, but the authentic things “live” where we live.

Geosurface is a new revolutionary product. It is the solution for those who want the best for their homes by integrating all its benefits.
Geosurface portrays your character and your emotions. It reinvents your spaces while creating beautiful continuous surfaces, which can be customised in different colours and textures, adapting itself to theneeds of each specific space and not vice versa. Each architectural element becomes an opportunity for endless possibilities.
One can design furnishings and use the same beautiful material, matching colours and textures in order to create harmonious spaces.

The results relating to the tests carried out by laboratories SSOG, LSF SUD and Polytechnic of Turin represent the actual technical assessment indexes and guarantee a series of specific and necessary requirements to clarify undeniably natural behaviours, characteristics and limitations of the system.

It complies with Directive 89/106 of EEC of 21.12.1998 implemented by Decree 246 of 21.4.1993:

The Geosurface system complies with the above mentioned requirements due to a low percentage of volatile substances (photodegradable rapid evaporation without affecting the environment).
Il sistema non assorbe la polvere o agenti inquinanti, non rilascia assolutamente residui polverosi e non favorisce la crescita di microrganismi nocivi. Per la sua pulizia quotidiana non necessita di particolari detergenti e puo' essere igienizzato con semplici sostanze naturali quali l’aceto. Non presenta livelli di radioattivita'. Non contiene cere metallizzate (contenenti sostanze ad alto impatto ambientale).
We use water-based polymers that are notified by the ELINCS , art. 13.2 of 92/32 of EEC Directive and are registered at the TSCA in the United States, CEPA DSL in Canada and BAGT No/Giftklasse in Switzerland..


We constantly update ourselves on new decoration and application techniques.
The test results of the SSOG laboratory are the warranty of durability and resistance of the Geosurface System, but it should not be considered an indicator of “timelessness” or be a reason of hard use (the installer has the full responsibility to evaluate the feasibility assessment). One of the strengths of our System is its total or partial recoverability.

Quartz (N. Cas 14808-60-7-N. 238-878 CE-4) 70.0 Concentration < = C Classification Xn 75.0 < R48/20
BUTOXYETHANOL (Cas No. 111-76-2 – No. EC 203-905-0) 0.8 Concentration < = C 1.3 Classification Xn 20 </22 21/R36/38
Contains resins and synthetic waxes, emulsifiers, coalescents, inert fillers, levelling agents.
The Geosurface System does not contain: lime, gypsum, cement and epoxy resins.
It is possible to customise the finishes with minerals like recycled glass, carrara marble, terracotta, iron, copper, bronze, silver and gold dust. There colours are obtained using environmentally friendly pigments.

With regards to environmental safety the use of the Geosurface system is suitable for both commercial and residential use as it respects the limits imposed by the Directive 2004/42/EC on the emissions of volatile organic components.

The composition of the GEOSURFACE System has been communicated to the SIH.
Code assigned: TKIS TGM03.

Applicable on various surfaces such as wood, enamel, glass, metal, laminate, tile, industrial cements, if properly prepared. It can also be used outdoors.

The system is classified as Class 1.

IAQ - Indoor Air Quality
The system does not absorb dust or pollutants, does not create pulverulent micro particles and does not encourage the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. There aren’t special detergents required for its daily cleaning. It can be sanitized with simple natural substances such as vinegar. It has no radioactivity level.

Warm and velvety surface

NMP (n-methyl pyrrolidone)
None of its ingredients contain NMP

Class 1 L.F.S. Certification, according to Ministerial Decree 26.6.84 and subsequent amendments Ministerial Decree 03.09.01 according to UNI 9177A. The system was assigned the CLASS 1 certification as regards floor coatings and application on non-combustible materials. The tests were carried out on panels with the BK finishing.

Tests were carried out on panels with the BK finishes using the slip tester SM Gabbrielli according to the Ministerial Decree No. 236 14.06.1989 09.01.1989 Law No. 13 and ISO TC/189 Dynamic friction coefficient with rubber pads = 0.60
Dynamic friction coefficient with leather shoes = 0.45

It can be applied on any kind of support, old or new, flat or curved, horizontal or vertical, concrete, marble, stone, wood, ceramics, plastics, drywall, glass, metals, cardboard etc, indoor or outdoor. It can be applied on radiant floors, with no need of demolition of the previous coating. It is easy to maintain and to recover. Thanks to its low thickness (1/3 mm) and light weight it is the ideal product for projects that require low structural loads. It can be used for coating yachts, sailing boats and caravans, kitchen tops, bathrooms, saunas, furniture, washbasins and shower trays. It can be used in residential or commercial works, indoor or outdoor.

VOC Directive 2004/42/CE
High-performance mono-component material. VOC expressed in grams/litre of product ready to use: max limit 140,00 (2007) – 140.00 (2010)
VOC coefficient : 50.72


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