Is an innovative company that offers the most extensive range on the market of interior and exterior finishes. We use only carefully selected, highly aesthetical and technological products, which combined with a quality service, create functional environments of great impact. The ideal partner of those who want to distinguish their projects with unique connotation, ILTEC DESIGN can satisfy the most demanding requirements, ranging from small residential works to large industrial areas as well as fine works.

ILTEC DESIGN carefully researches and selects unique materials of the highest quality only, applying the most sustainable cutting edge technologies. The concern for the environment makes us choose eco-friendly and certified materials.

The passion for achieving lasting results with great aesthetics joins a socially responsible behavior towards everyone involved - from customers to suppliers and from employees to creditors - through constant monitoring of economical, environmental and social expectations, with the objective to achieve real competitiveness and financial solidity.

ILTEC DESIGN aims to be a benchmark for designers and for those who consider the uniqueness a value, for those who pay attention to the quality of life and to the new social needs and coexistence, with the belief that the ability to change and innovation enrich the corporate culture. Following these principles strictly, ILTEC now offers different types of activities, being specialised in: fabric structures, lighting technology, floor and wall coatings, and vertical garden walls.

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